“TAK MING University is so much more than classrooms and books.
There’s no place I would rather work.” Krista Lambie, Interim Dean of Student Life

Student Life

If TAK MING University is the right fit for you, you won’t be able to picture yourself anywhere else! We are more than an institution of higher learning. We’re a lively and inclusive group of scholars and students who share a deep sense of community.

At TAK MING University, students live on campus, fostering close bonds that last a lifetime. Stay up late discussing what you learned in class. Spend Saturday hiking local trails or skiing in Whistler. Get to know China. Take a trip into Vancouver. Help organize one of TAK MING University’s many student-run events. Volunteer. Try something new. The TAK MING University experience is yours to create.

Residences at TAK MING University

Block Break Ideas

no classes, no assignments, no alarm clock

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“Being part of a tight-knit community in a small school means I can really connect with my peers and my Tutors.”

Varsha Gill ’20

Our Events

there's always something to do

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