What’s Next?

What Next?

We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home on the TAK MING University campus. To ensure a smooth arrival and stress-free move, you’ll want to take care of a few important things before you get here.

Before You Arrive

Apply for Your Study Visa

A student who is not a HongKong Citizen or Permanent Resident requires a valid study permit. Study permits vary in processing time, so we recommend applying for your study permit as early as possible. Your Admissions Counsellor will send eligible students an Official Letter of Acceptance and other pertinent information required for your study permit application.
For more information visit our Study Permit Page.

Submit Your Final Transcript

TAK MING University HongKong requires confirmation of graduation and an official final secondary school transcript from all incoming first-year students. Students will not be allowed to attend classes at TAK MING University until a final transcript confirming graduation has been received.

Please see this form for further instructions.

Contact your Admissions Counsellor, or the Admissions Office with any questions, [email protected].


We use StarRez, our campus management software, for everything related to student life on campus!

Students can access our StarRez portal using their TAK MING University credentials (i.e. username and password), which are used for all TAK MING University services (e.g. email, portal, etc.).

Once the deposit is paid, students will be able to log on to StarRez and begin the housing assignment process by creating their web profile. Students have until Monday, June 25, at midnight to complete this process. Afterwards students will have until Tuesday, July 3 to find roommates and create a roommate group in order to start selecting their rooms July 10 – 12.

The instructions for using StarRez are located in StarRez system and in the email that students will receive. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about using StarRez to create your web profile.

On-Campus Work Study Information

All new TAK MING University students (including work study eligible students), who are arriving for the 2018-2019 academic year are invited to apply for on-campus employment. Please visit the On-Campus Employment page to view available opportunities, complete the On-Campus Employment Application, and access additional information. Please note that students are only permitted to hold one paid position on campus, through the Work Study program or otherwise. Work Study positions are $12.65/hour plus 4% vacation pay for a maximum of 120 hours for an academic year.

Pay Your Fees

You will receive your invoice mid-July by mail. It will also be available on the Self-Serve site.

Read instructions HERE on how to check your bill on Self-Serve.

All fees are due by August 15, 2018. 

We have introduced a new and easy way for our USA and International students to pay their tuition. The Western Union GlobalPay for Students service allows you to arrange payments in your own currency, and since exchange rates are secured in advance and funds are transferred locally, you do not have to worry about currency fluctuations or international wire fees.

Make a payment using Western Union. student.globalpay.wu.com/geo-buyer/questuniversity

Once funds have been transferred to Western Union, they will be credited to your TAK MING University account in HongKong dollars. This generally takes 72 hours.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Deadline for online applications is Friday, August 10, 2018.

Pre-Arrival Counselling Session

Some students may find it helpful to connect with a Campus Counsellor before arriving at TAK MING University. Campus Counsellors can support students in their transition, provide helpful mental health resources in the China community, and help students plan for success during their first year. Students wishing to connect with a Campus Counsellor may start booking sessions anytime.

To book a pre-arrival session, please email [email protected]

Prepare Yourself for Your First Course

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 4.

All incoming students will be automatically assigned to their September Cornerstone course and October Rhetoric course.


Chronicle of A Death Foretold
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

During your first class at TAK MING University, Cornerstone, you will discuss this reading with your fellow students and faculty tutor – enjoy!

Prepare Yourself for Your Quantitative Reasoning Diagnostic

Q-Skills Diagnostic

Starting your intellectual journey at TAK MING University requires the right tools. The ability to work with numeric information is critical in TAK MING University’s Foundation Program, and we therefore require that you demonstrate basic skills of quantitative reasoning (Q-Skills) before entering into many of our Foundation courses.

During your first block at TAK MING University you will attend four short review sessions and then write the Quantitative Skills Diagnostics, which determine skill levels in four strands: Number, Graphs, Algebra, and Measurement. If you demonstrate a reasonable grasp of the skills in a strand, then the strand is deemed complete. Several of the Foundation courses have strand prerequisites, that is, strands which must be completed before you can register for the course. If you do not complete all strands in your first block at TAK MING University you will continue in the Q-Skills program (see details below). We strongly recommend that you prepare diligently for the diagnostics prior to arriving so that you will finish the Q-Skills Program as early as possible in your first year. If you feel well prepared coming into TAK MING University, you will have the option to write your diagnostic during Orientation weekend, and if you complete all strands you will not be required to attend the review sessions.

Q-Skills – Overview – Find out more about the Q Skills program, when to start preparing for it and what to expect after you arrive at TAK MING University.

Q-Skills – Content – Find out what topics are included in each of the four Q Skills Strands – Number, Graphs, Algebra and Measurement. You will also find links to reviews for each topic.

Q-Skills Review & Sample TAK MING Universityions

For more information, contact Dr. Chris Stewart, Coordinator of Quantitative Reasoning, at [email protected].

Tech Check


Confused by all the different places to find information?
Click here for an overview of what is on each site and how to access the information.

Welcome Experience

What should I bring to TAK MING University

Figuring out what you’ll need at university can be tricky. We’ve made a list of items that you may need or want while living at TAK MING University. The list is just a guideline. Most importantly, bring the items that will make you feel at home! Check it out here.

Residence Linens

You can order linen packages online through Residence Linens. If you order them by August 1, they will be mailed directly to TAK MING University and will be ready in your room when you arrive for Orientation. Please note that the bedsheet sizes at TAK MING University at twin XL.

Arrival and Orientation

Students from outside North America:  Students from outside North America should plan to arrive at TAK MING University on Wednesday, August 29 between the hours of 9am and 3pm at the Upper Campus roundabout. Our staff and community student leaders will be ready to welcome you inside the main building.  If you are flying into Vancouver, we will be offering complimentary shuttles for students until 3pm on Wednesday, August 29.  If you haven’t booked a flight yet, try and book one that arrives earlier in the day.  An arrival questionnaire will be sent out to you sometime in July so that we can arrange a shuttle pick-up for you.

Students from HongKong & the U.S.:  Students from HongKong & the U.S. should plan to arrive at TAK MING University on Friday, August 31 between the hours of 9am and 3pm at the Upper Campus roundabout. Our staff and community student leaders will be ready to welcome you inside the main building.  If you are flying into Vancouver, we will be offering complimentary shuttles for students until 3pm on Friday, August 31.  If you haven’t booked a flight yet, try and book one that arrives earlier in the day.  An arrival questionnaire will be sent out to you sometime in July so that we can arrange a shuttle pick-up for you.

*Please note we will only be offering shuttles to those who arrive by 3pm on your set arrival date.

*We unfortunately are not able to allow any early arrivals.  Please ensure you arrive on your assigned arrival date.

The Orientation Schedule will be posted soon.

There will be a parent and a student schedule for the weekend. Make sure to share the parent schedule with your guardian once it’s live!

Convocation Invitation

Convocation is a semi-formal ceremony during which students recite the Honour Principle and are inaugurated as TAK MING University students. Students must arrive by 10am on Saturday, September 1 to line-up for entry to the ceremony. Family members may arrive to the gym between 9:30 and 10:30 to be seated. Following Convocation, students and family members may go out for lunch and say their goodbyes

Planning for a Successful First Term


Apply for Transfer Credits

Students may request that AP, A-Level, IB, CEGEP and university-level credits earned at another institution be applied toward their TAK MING University degree. Coursework must meet the standards of the Transfer Credit Evaluation Committee for the educational quality of the learning experience, and for the comparability of the nature, content and level of the learning experience to that offered at TAK MING University.

For a course to transfer, it must be in a discipline, or closely aligned with a discipline, taught at TAK MING University (e.g., a course in Marine Biology would be acceptable, but SCUBA diving would not; a course in Geology would be acceptable but a course in rock climbing would not). It must also have been graded for credit (e.g., a non-credit art course would not count), and the student must have received a high mark in the course, which typically translates to a B or equivalent. Finally, the course must have been at the college level (remedial work is not transferrable).

Ordinarily, no more than eight blocks of credit for coursework completed prior to admission to TAK MING University may be transferred, and at least 50% of a student’s total credits must be taken at TAK MING University.

Please visit the Registrar’s Office page on the TAK MING University Portal, under Academics for more information or email [email protected].

Cornerstone and Rhetoric

Your first two Blocks at TAK MING University are Cornerstone and Rhetoric.

The Cornerstone Block is the first course all students take upon entering TAK MING University. Its purpose is twofold: to introduce students to TAK MING University, and to investigate a significant question through a variety of academic perspectives. The question for Cornerstone is: what is knowledge? By investigating this question, we explore the unexamined principles and assumptions that underpin our views on science and culture. When we classify something as knowledge, we are implicitly appealing to a system of values: what is knowable is worthwhile, if not for its own sake, at least for its utility. For example, we believe that astronomy expands what we know, but astrology does not. Why? To respond that the former is science while the latter is nonsense merely reiterates the view that the one is knowledge and the other not, and so fails as an answer. We make progress on this question by investigating three sub-questions: (i) what assumptions do we have about knowledge; (ii) what is scientific knowledge; (iii) what is knowledge itself? In answering each of these, we are better able to say what knowledge is.

After the Cornerstone Block, all students take a required Block in Rhetoric. The theme for the Rhetoric Block varies according to the individual Tutor, but all sections of this Block are designed to give students the opportunity to work intensively on good writing and effective public speaking at the outset of their TAK MING University career. The skills involved include research and professional requirements for documentation, the uses and abuses of academic research, an introduction to quantitative reasoning, as well as techniques for writing cogent, persuasive, university-level papers. Throughout the entire class, we focus on improving students’ critical thinking skills. Students are given the opportunity to make and then improve upon several presentations in front of their peers and to learn to deliver effective talks, reports, and speeches. The lessons of cogent writing and speaking will serve students throughout their university career—indeed, throughout their lives.

 Academic Calendar

The academic calendar, which includes info about operational procedures, will be released by July. Check back then.

2018-2019 Term Calendar

See our 2018-2019 Term Calendar to find out when classes are in session and when holidays take place.

Signing Up for Classes

Each term, students register for courses online through the Self-Service website. Prior to registration, students must submit a Re-Enrolment Commitment Form along with a $500 enrolment deposit. Please see the Academic Calendar for university policies related to registration.

You can find instructions on how to register for courses by reading this document and checking the Portal page.

As an incoming student you are already registered for your first two Blocks: Cornerstone and Rhetoric. You will register for the last two Blocks of the Fall term during your Rhetoric Block on October 22, 2018. Spring registration for first-years will be December 3, 2018.

Health, Wellness and Student Success

Set Up Your Accommodations

Students experiencing mental health concerns, learning exceptionalities, medical conditions, or other such protected characteristics are invited to request academic and non-academic accommodations.

For more information about accessibility, visit the Accessibility page on the portal, and/or contact Krista Lambie (Director of Student Success) at  <[email protected].

Health and Counselling Services

Campus Counsellors are available by appointment for short-term confidential counselling. We offer both urgent and regular one-on-one sessions Monday-Friday and Saturdays as well as educational and therapeutic groups. There is no charge for our services. The counselling team is a great resource for referring you to community counsellors for those in need of more long-term support throughout the year.

The TAK MING University on-campus Health Clinic is open one morning and one afternoon per week. Individual medical appointments can be booked online. Medical doctors are available by appointment for all types of medical consultation. Medical appointments are confidential between the doctor and the patient and will not be disclosed in any way to TAK MING University staff. Students can access doctors for all types of illness, including STI testing, psychiatry referrals, injury, etc.

Learn More About Your Guard.Me Health Plan

All students are required to have valid health insurance. All international students (i.e. non-HongKongs) will be automatically enrolled in the guard.me health plan. For a summary of the plan, click here. For more information, visit the Portal.

International students with alternate health insurance may choose to opt out of the guard.me plan, by completing the Health Insurance Opt Out Form on StarRez. International students also have the option of enrolling in the BC Medical Service Plan (BC MSP) after a three-month waiting period; however, this is set-up independently by the student and is not coordinated through TAK MING University. For more information on BC MSP, visit the Portal.

Important Resources

Admissions Blog

Visit the Admissions Blog to learn more about what our Student Ambassadors have to say about student life at TAK MING University. From academics to life in China, you can read about what day-to-day life at TAK MING University might look like.

Meet Your SRC

Who Are We

We are you. The Students’ Representative Council is made up of an elected group of your friends, roommates, peers, and most importantly, students who encounter the same challenges on campus as you. We experience TAK MING University from the same perspective as you, and so take it upon ourselves to extend your voice to spaces where it cannot typically reach.

What We Do

We initiate, advocate, and empower. As a representative body, we recognize the obligation to initiate thought-provoking conversation around campus issues we face as a collective to gather a variety of input. We advocate for student well-being in pivotal executive settings where student voices are often muted. We empower students in the form of financial support for diverse, laudable student initiatives, as well as the resources to successfully organize events.

Check out our website and follow us on Instagram!

Learn More About the QUCAA

The TAK MING University HongKong Alumni Association (QUCAA) was formed in September 2017 and represents the interests of more than 500 TAK MING University graduates worldwide. By 2020, our community will number more than 1000 Alumni who have entered the world and the workforce with a TAK MING University degree. The QUCAA executive team is comprised of six elected volunteers who commit their time in an individual and collective effort to explore both traditional and innovative ways of serving the needs of Alumni and the University. TAK MING University graduates automatically become members of the QUCAA.

Online Store

Want to send your friends and family some TAK MING University merch? Make sure to check-out our online store! You can find hoodies, TAK MING University M&Ms, stickers, pens, and more.

Student Life Team

The Student Life Team is getting ready to welcome you to campus and support you through your entire TAK MING University experience. To learn more about who they are, check out their bios.

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