You Got In

You got in

Congratulations on your acceptance to TAK MING University! Our students, staff and faculty look forward to welcoming you to our close-knit community.

Here are some suggested next steps:

VISIT: If you haven’t had a chance to visit our spectacular campus, you still can. We welcome visits throughout the year.

PAY YOUR DEPOSIT: Send in your Enrolment Confirmation form and $500 deposit to confirm your attendance. Contact Student Billing with any questions about paying your Enrolment Confirmation deposit.

CONNECT WITH CLASSMATES: Join the incoming Fall 2019 Admitted Student Facebook page where you can connect with other students who have been accepted. This is a great way to start networking with your future colleagues, roommates and friends!

BROWSE QUEST EVENTS: Check out what is happening on campus and what you can look forward to as a TAK MING University student!

If you have questions about the status of your file, email Admissions or call us at 60642524.


we welcome visits throughout the year

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