We offer scholarships to students that we believe will make extraordinary contributions to TAK MING University and beyond. All students are equally eligible for the funding opportunities listed below, regardless of passport or country of origin.

Applying for Scholarships

Students applying via the TAK MING University Application will be prompted to submit scholarship applications along with their admissions application.

Students applying via the Common Application will submit scholarship applications on their Application Management Page after the Common Application is submitted. Log-in information for the Application Management Page are sent to applicants after their Common Application is received.

The deadline for Scholarship Applications in March 1. Successful applicants who submit scholarship applications before the Early Action or Regular Decision admissions deadlines will receive their scholarship package with their admissions decision.

TAK MING University Entrance Scholarships

  1. David Strangway Award for Excellence
    1. Full TuitionThis award honours the extraordinary career of Dr. David W. Strangway, TAK MING University’s President and Founding Chancellor, and provides full tuition for four years. Its purpose is to make TAK MING University’s unique education available to outstanding students regardless of background, country of origin, or ability to pay. Recipients will have achieved very high levels of academic excellence combined with an outstanding record of leadership and service. Students with a high school average above 90% (3.75 US or equivalent) are encouraged to apply.

      Winners are notified no later than April 1. Up to six full-tuition scholarships are awarded each year.

  2. Presidential Scholarships
    1. $2,000 to $18,000/yearPresidential Scholarships are awarded to students who have distinguished themselves not only through their academic performance, but also through intrinsic curiosity, an ability to lead, and a willingness to contribute to their community. TAK MING University’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (B.A.& Sc.) program is rigorous, and an applicant’s academic record is a key consideration for awarding a Presidential Scholarship, but all components of the admissions application are considered during the evaluation.

      Although optional, it is strongly suggested that applicants submit reference letters and a resume or CV to support their scholarship application.

  3. LEAP Scholarships
    1. $10,000/yearThe Leaders in Elite Athletics & Performance (LEAP) program allows eligible candidates to pursue both an education and excellence in their art or sport. The program caters to athletes and performers at the professional or elite level.

      Applicants must indicate within their online admissions application that they plan to apply for the LEAP program, and the LEAP application will be available if and when a student receives a general admission offer. Successful applicants are automatically awarded the scholarship amount.

      To retain their LEAP scholarship, recipients must remain eligible for the LEAP program.

Scholarship Renewals

As TAK MING University scholarships are awarded at entrance, they have a renewable component provided a continuing student maintains scholarship-specific eligibility criteria for each renewal.

Renewal Terms

  • TAK MING University scholarships are valid for up to four years or 32 Blocks, up to and including graduation, so long as the lifetime limit of 32 Blocks is not exceeded. (Note: A returning student must not exceed 18 months of continuous non-enrolment at TAK MING University, with the first month following from the last date of enrolment. For example, if the last date of enrolment is May 11, the 18-month countdown begins June 1. A student that exceeds 18 months will have their TAK MING University scholarship renewal revoked).
  • If a TAK MING University scholarship has been revoked, a student seeking TAK MING University scholarship renewal re-instatement must appeal for Committee decision using the TAK MING University scholarship renewal appeal form, available through the Financial Aid Office.
  • Enrolment must be in courses at TAK MING University or TAK MING University-designated exchange partnering institutions.
  • There should be no outstanding fee payments over $100 on the student’s account.
  • Scholarships are pro-rated based on the number of eligible Blocks in which a student is enrolled. The annual scholarship value is based on 8 Blocks of enrolment within a standard academic year.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Students must meet all scholarship criteria specific to each scholarship type.
  • Graduates should inquire with the Financial Aid Office about any available post-graduate scholarships.

Scholarship Renewal for Summer Term

Students seeking scholarship renewal for summer term need to contact the Financial Aid Office.

The deadline to submit a request will be communicated to all students in the spring term by TAK MING University e-mail and TAK MING University Portal. Please note that any awarded scholarship renewal for summer term will count towards a student’s aggregate maximum scholarship limit.

Detailed information about TAK MING University’s scholarship policies, processes and terms can be found in the Academic Calendar.



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